This latest 3D work is called “The Portable Gallery”. It is a lockable wooden chest that contains reproductions of all work, sculptures, paintings, drawings, texts and notebooks. Everything has been reproduced on a very small scale so to be contained within the chest and be viewed from a completely different perspective.

The chest is made from solid pine with a mahogany lid and trims. It is also fitted with brass handles and lock.

There is a draw in the base of the chest containing note books and a magnifying glass to view all of the artefacts.


The lid of the chest folds back and the inside forms a lectern. The lectern is lined with green baize and   has its own brass lighting system.  This forms a viewing platform. The magnifying glass can be used as a viewing aid.


Within the main hold of the chest is a plastic container divided into 4 sections. This device contains the artefact cards; drawings, paintings and short texts or skin grafts. They are in no particular order and are not meant to be viewed as such.

Open or closed, the Portable Gallery is an ongoing project that will evolve and change with time.